You Reap What You Sow!

Whether it leads to the UK leaving or remaining in the EU, the last thing the many need is the nightmare scenario of the Tories still being  in power after the 2019, 12th of December General Election, leaving UK society, still in the grip of the status quo of a bygone age – at the mercy of its insidious Right-wing ideology.

A final, personal reflection:

One of the things that really brightens up my life is to see youngsters out and about with their mum (dad, nan, grandad, etc.), looking happy and with not a care in the world. Seeing their life and circumstances as being no different to that of any other child.

Of course, all children are born equal. But, sadly, the gulf between those born into the few and those born into the many, starts to grow immediately after their birth – increasing with every passing day. The life experiences of the few – of being born into abundance and unearned privilege – setting them apart from those born into varying degrees of struggle, need, want and deprivation – the many.

And, while I can accept such was inevitable in times gone by, the same cannot be said of the modern, 21st century world – the status quo of a bygone age having outlived its time. The power, dominance and privileged way of life afforded the few, courtesy of their ill-gotten, accumulated wealth, having now become an obscenity.

What is needed for 21st century society to properly function and flourish is equality based on fairness and equal opportunity, everyone’s input – seen as of equal importance. Obscene levels of  pay, reined in, and remuneration based on responsibilities, qualifications, experience and skills. Enough to provide a decent standard of living for those at bottom of the pay scale.  And even for the eventual breakdown of social barriers?

But then again, on reflection, perhaps best not to hold ones’ breath on that one!


To anyone sympathetic to the views expressed on this website, your bringing it to the attention of others would be appreciated.



Clipart used with permission from Micros