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The end of WW2 was a game changer, offering a new dawn for the many. But it was short lived – the jittery fears of the postWW2 few, long since overcome. The wall separating the few from the many, having returned with emboldened confidence; encouraged in no short measure by the short-sighted passivity of the many. A passivity that, in effect, continues to encourage the few. Allowing them free rein to extend the boundaries of their control over the many.

Time is for change. For true democracy to replace the quasi democracy that has been inflicted upon society for far too long.

Only then can the many throw off the shackles of Right-wing ideology – as imposed by the wealth and associated power of the few. Replacing a status quo rooted and locked in a bygone age, with that more befitting the values, senses and morality of the 21st century.

Such that, instead of handing politicians what amounts to a blank cheque every five years, we, the people, must be able to intervene and take Government to task on a more frequent basis. Especially on issues concerning the essential fabric of a fair and decent society and their far-reaching effects on the lives of the many. Issues which bring people together, bridging the politics of Left and Right and embrace a moral vision of shared government that works for everyone.

I am talking about a system that puts people centre stage. Their needs, put above the demands of the corporate world. The corporate world – the servant, not the master. A level playing field and a levelling of society. Bottom, up. Top, down.

As the beating heart of society, the many have the power to bring it about. All it needs to rid society of the heinous iniquity of Right-wing ideology is self-belief, steadfast courage and the steely determination to   cast the present status quo  into the bin of history. And for the few be made to release their restrictive grip on the lives of the many.

Until such time, society will remain locked in the status quo of a bygone age.

Succeeding generations, subject to the rules and restrictions imposed by Right-wing ideology – the self-sustaining philosophy of the few.

 Generation after generation of the many, forever trapped in their very own ‘Groundhog Day’.


Systemic barriers: Time was when social barriers were the accepted norm, confining so called ‘ordinary people’ to a life dictated by the circumstances they were born into. Attempts to breach such, dealt with in ways commensurate with the times. Involving various degrees of extreme brutality and harsh, restrictive laws, effectively crushing and tying the hands of resistance.

Sadly, shamefully, such barriers remain, even to this day – having become systemic. Attempts to breach them, still subject to brutality, harsh laws and stringent constraints.  Employers made able to take advantage of trade union weakness which, in effect, translates into society’s weakness. Such intended weakness, at the heart of Right-wing ideology. Unfairness, inequality, poverty and deprivation, still the key factors.

Re: The Trade Disputes and Trade Union Act of 1927. Trade unionism did not recover from it until after the Second World War when the Labour Government relaxed the laws. Even so, that did not prevent the brutality and questionable tactics of the Tory Government during the 1984/5 miners’ strike. Requests for an enquiry, repeatedly denied. Preventing any amount of light being shone on the savage lawlessness faced by peaceful, striking miners and disputed involvement of the Government of the time.

Thankfully, although constantly subject to misleading representations by the powerful Right-wing press, trade unionism – although weakened, still is a force to be reckoned with. Without it, the many, truly at the mercy of the whims and edicts of the few.


Democracy turned on its head: General Elections are about giving power to shape lives and society to – what  for most, are a small bunch of strangers that comprise the ‘Cabinet’, little more than 20 or so. Elections which – although fought over  issues of the day, the winners then take as carte blanch, the right to impose whatever their future plans for society. Life changing plans – without society’s prior approval.

                               Society, apparently blind to democracy being turned upon its head? 

Which, in the case of Right-wing ideology, has resulted in the mass privatization of the essential services so deeply dependent upon by society. Water, gas, electricity, Royal Mail, rail and local transport, etc. – all snapped up at knock-down, bargain basement prices. Control of them, gifted to global investors. The long-term impact and consequences, falling well short of assertions – with dire consequences for society.

As the saying goes – ‘there’s no smoke without fire’. A more discerning examination of Right-wing ideology, revealing an awful lot of smoke swirling through its corridors. Not least, a mindset steeped in an ‘us and them’ mentality. The few, devoid of any sense of being, ‘all in it together’.

The status quo of a bygone age, truly at odds with the values, senses and morality of the 21st century.


For ever mindful and alert:  In the modern world, the thin line between Right-wing ideology and fascism has become increasingly blurred, restrictive laws being of particular concern. More so when passed off as protecting freedom.  The wily few having become particularly adept at introducing restrictive law that, in effect, can be used to protect themselves from society’s ability to protest and effectively challenge the more objectional ways and means of Right-wing ideology.

Begging the question – ‘Who’s freedom – who’s protection’?


A stark reminder that society always must remain alert to the possible consequences of restrictive laws – and mindful of what they can lead to.  



SOCIETYISM – not an ideology, but a life enhancing, social structure for the 21st Century.

In essence, Societyism is about unity. A pooling of the talents and aspirations of all the able bodied –  working together for the common good.

A society that, from cradle to grave, offers everyone an equal opportunity to pursue and build the best life of their choosing – fairness and equal opportunity being paramount. No ifs. No buts. No privileges. Just respect for being whatever their part of the whole that makes for a fair and decent society. The springboard and essential pre-requisite, being a decent, affordable home – providing the stable base and environment required to raise a well-adjusted family. The  blight of being trapped in will sapping circumstances – becoming a thing of the past.

The birth and slow demise of a caring society: Ever since the end of WW2, hearts and minds have been fought over by factions mainly representative of two sides. That of the few – the Right, and that of the many – the Left. Two sides of a status quo rooted and locked in a bygone age; at odds with the morality and senses of the 21st century. A society that, 75 years after the end of WW2, still remains blind and susceptible to the duplicitous ways of the few. The awfulness of Right-wing ideology, still falling heavily on the shoulders of the many.

And let’s not forget: What society has now become is down to Conservatism. Labour – as in true Labour, not having been in power since 1979. New Labour – responsible for raising the lid on the Right’s Pandora’s Box. Exposing society to the full-blown, self-serving nature of Right-wing ideology.

Such that now, more than ever, UK society is crying out for leaders driven by an unswerving resolve to create a level playing field, and a society prepared to back them with the resolve and determination to usher in the age of Societyism; an age of fairness, equal opportunity and total commitment to the well-being of all prepared to fully engage with society to the best of their ability, whatever their talents and aspirations – birth circumstances, becoming irrelevant.

I would emphasize – Societyism is about: –

Co-operation, not overthrowing: sharing, not taking; serving, not using: fairness, not inequality: unity, not division: hope, not fear: confidence, not despair.

Social Unity – NOT – Social  Segregation

A word of warning: Don’t be fooled into thinking the few that controlled pre-WW2 society have gone away – they haven’t. They and their descendants are still around, having melted into the shadows. Still in control. Still pulling all the strings. Still driven by self-interest. The few, still abusing the many. And, while ever we, the many, remain ignorant or indifferent to such abuse, Right-wing ideology will continue blighting the lives of our children and grandchildren – generation after generation – with worse, yet to come!

Mark my words – while ever the few are allowed to reign supreme, there is the prospect of worse yet to come. Such that, instead of enriching the lives of the many, the mind-boggling, ever-spiralling advancements in technology, automation and artificial intelligence will lead to rising unemployment and more reliance on state benefits. Effectively empowering the few to further control the lives of the many  – their record, speaking for itself.


The continuing contagion of Right-wing ideology: – Over the years, ever since the end of WW2, I have observed the few slowly re-impose themselves over the many, duping them into accepting a socio-economic system, run by the few, for the few. Society, corralled and controlled by the ever-tightening grip of Right-wing ideology – responsible for: –

Underfunding: – Our NHS, Council services, Social care, State education, Roads, Social housing, Fire service, Police service, Trading standards, etc..

Privatizing: – Gas & electricity, water, rail, public transport, Royal Mail, Probation service, Blood donation service, numerous NHS services, etc..

Other deprivations: – Bedroom tax, Universal credit and its punitive sanctions, Removal of nurse bursaries, Social housing crisis, Private renting crisis, Rising homelessness, Proliferation of food banks, Zero hours contracts, Increasing child poverty, Library closures..

Though eye-watering, this list does not fully convey the shameful depth of misery and deprivation inflicted across society by unbridled, Right-wing ideology.

And, as serious and concerning as the coronavirus crisis is, don’t let it blind you to the unrelenting threat posed by the long running contagion that is Right-wing ideology.

To do so, risks finding yourself languishing in poverty, despair and deprivation. Branded and vilified as an idle, scrounging, lay-a bed, freeloader, by some never having done a proper days work in their life. Good at posing as champions of the people, while using society as little more than a cash cow – there, to be milked by the few.

Food for thought: – Having witnessed the passion and energy generated by sports fans – football in particular, I got to thinking – just 10% of such, directed at denouncing the deep-rooted inequality at the heart of Right-wing ideology, would see it permanently eliminated from the political spectrum of decent society.

More food for thought: – For many of the many, the ladder of success ranks alongside the mythical pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. At birth, some finding themselves knee deep in quicksand, facing a monumental struggle, even to make first rung.

Whereas, in stark contrast, those born of the few find themselves halfway up the ladder – success, more or less assured. The status quo of a bygone, still in play, here and now, in the 21st century.

That such inequality still exists in the 21st century is a condemnation of the path which led to it. Talk of the poor, the deprived, disadvantaged and underprivileged, which rolls so glibly off the tongues of the few that orchestrate it – patronizing and demeaning, little short of a slap-in-the-face.

Society’s meek submission to the edicts of Right-wing ideology – utterly shameful.

      C’mon, you lot -hop  to it. Right/Right Right/Right/Right

Status quo of a bygone age:

When I first delved into my family history, what struck me most was how little the lives of my ancestors had changed throughout the ages – most, having worked the land for their so called, masters.

The industrial revolution, having little effect on the worker/master relationship. Likewise, the arrival of the postWW2, technological era.

Which set me thinking of the status quo of a bygone age. The lack of an education, setting the lower class apart. The upper class, left to rule and organized society, more or less as they saw fit.

Zooming forward to the 21st century finds society in a vastly different world, yet still subject to the status quo of a bygone age. The upshot being, without change, the – as yet, unconceived great grandchildren of the great grandchildren of the few will still be being born into a life halfway up the ladder of success. While those of the many will still be following in the footsteps of their forbearers. Some, still struggling, even to make first rung.

On a par with genetic engineering, I think of it as ‘inheritance engineering’. An ongoing blight imposed on the 21st century many, by the 21st century few – desperate to cling on to a privileged lifestyle rooted in a bygone age. Prepared to use whatever means at their disposal to maintain it.

As in advertising, so in politics – the power of the media is mind blowing: – Lies, omissions, half-truths, exaggerations, misleading inference:  the stock-in-trade of those wishing to con the unwary. But whereas subtle advertising can mislead unwary individuals, in politics it can mislead society – undermining the essential mechanisms of the democratic process.

The upshot being, too much media power in the hands of a few is a threat, not just to the democratic process, but to society, itself.

Indeed, for democracy to function as it should, absolute clarity of what is and is not being offered by competing factions is imperative. Any misleading deemed as having significant bearing on a result – making the result invalid.

And, for the sake of society’s confidence in its politicians – perpetrators must face sanctions, including possible exclusion from political life. Society’s right of unquestionable confidence in the democratic process – to be enshrined in law.

That said. Not until the blatant, manifestly unrepresentative, first-pass-the-post system is replaced with the system of proportional representation, can the UK truly claim to be a democracy.

Did you know?

Foreign Governments are making hundreds of £millions a year running UK’s privatized energy, transport and utility networks – overseas taxpayers handed hundreds of £millions in dividends. Foreign exchequers profiting from UK society. The Conservative’s Right-wing ideology of privatization, benefiting overseas – rather than UK taxpayers.

And, when you think of the other hundreds of privatizations having taken place, that’s just the tip of the iceberg!  


Little short of extortion: –

If ever proof were needed, the exposure of rip-off charges being imposed for private,  PCR tests, is a timely reminder of the innate greed and predatory nature of the capitalist world at the heart of Right-wing ideology.

A world where ’greed’ is good and profit is God, to be pursued and worshipped –                                                     whatever the cost to humanity and the planet.  The foundation of modern economics can be traced back to Adam Smith’s upbeat views on the ‘market’ and resulting equilibrium of wealth distribution, in his book ‘An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations’, published in 1776. His upbeat views, at the heart of the postWW2 investment program imposed by the UN and World Bank, requiring economic measurement and accountability, using the United Nations System of National Accounting (UNSNA). Later, superseded by the current, GDP (Gross Domestic Product) accounting system, invented and governed by Simon Kuznets’, ‘Kuznets Curve’ – winning him the 1971 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences.

The very same theory still being used as a policy tool to help national governments maximize economic growth. A theory he later described as “5% empirical information and 95% speculation, some of it probably tainted by wishful thinking”.  

Well, you can’t beat that for honesty, which, along with Adam Smith’s ‘equilibrium of wealth distribution’, is as much a stranger to the edicts of Right-wing ideology, as is integrity, fairness and equal opportunity

The monster that is postWW2 Capitalism:

Capitalism was originally born of the need to raise the capital that financed the industrial revolution. The postWW2 monster it has since become is the brainchild of the few, Right-wing ideology (RWI) – its engine. The GDP accounting system – its manual. Worldwide society and the world’s resources – its fuel. The science backed, fast-approaching, worldwide disaster – its potential, cataclysmic outcome.

But all is not yet lost! There still is time – not only to prevent such disaster, but also to reverse it. But time is short. The window of opportunity – forever narrowing. The few, found wanting and in urgent need of a wake-up call. Their engine and manual, in urgent need of replacement.

For too long has society been duped by the guile of the few. Time for the sleeping giant to awaken, to flex its muscles. For the many to stepped up to the mark, to save and protect society and the worlds resources from the postWW2 brainchild of the few, its engine, its manual and its potentially cataclysmic outcome.


NOTE: An in-depth grasp of the issues and inherent faults of the monster postWW2 Capitalism has become, the urgent need for its reform and the way forward; is well documented in Jane Gleeson- White’s, updated and revised book, ‘Six Capitals’.*

*Not, in any way, to be taken as endorsement of the views and opinions expressed in this blog.

 The security of a decent, affordable home of ones’ own, offering the best environment for a child to have the best possible start in life, is as much an essential prerequisite of decent society as is affordable water, gas, electricity, rail and local transport.  That such is not the case in UK 21st century society is a national scandal that can be laid at the door of Right-wing ideology. Time: –

  1. Land hoarding was made illegal.
  2. House building/pricing was removed from ‘market’ control.
  3. Buying to rent was banned and provisions made to prevent local people being priced out of and denied local housing.
  4. Second homes were not allowed while ever there remains a shortage of decent, affordable housing to rent or to buy.
  5. For Government to be made directly and wholly responsible for the housing of society.
  6. For something a far cry from the housing misery created by Right-wing ideology which, by design, falls well short of the ways and means available to 21st century society; its advocates – architects of misery, deprivation and despair. The reality of such, touching every corner of society it has purposed to shape since the end of WW2. 

 When will society come to its sense?  

Looking around at what post WW2 society has become (the euphoria of the early, postWW2 years having been short-lived), I feel nothing but shame for the ever-deepening inequality wrought by Right-wing ideolog. The appalling lack of honour and political will by its advocates and sponsors somewhat diminishing the courage, sacrifice and suffering synonymous with the battle against Nazism.

Ensuing generations having become somewhat less focused and more distanced from the fight for fairness and equal opportunity.

Whatever happened to society’s postWW2 dream of a land fit for heroes, a dream sullied and defiled by the overriding immorality of Right-wing ideology?



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