UK Society – abused, deceived and wilfully undermind – victim of creeping, social apartheid.

 After years of being subjected to the harsh, no-holds-barred realities of Right-wing ideology, I never thought I would live to see the day when millions of ordinary people were, in effect, sentenced to remain under the yoke of the few by a bunch of shallow thinking turncoats from within their own ranks.

Shame on you for, in effect, condoning the ruinous decline and destruction of the essential fabric of a decent and caring society, by the few. Their lack of any amount of empathy or concern for life as lived by the many, responsible for: –

  • • Ruthless, year on year cuts to public services – leading to underfunding and crisis levels of service in the      NHS, mental health services, council services, education, welfare state, police, probation, prison and fire    services.
    • Rip off rail, public transport, water, gas and electricity privatization.
    • Zero hours contracts paying poverty minimum wages, requiring benefit top-ups to survive.
    • People forced into poverty waged work, requiring benefit top-ups to survive.
    • People already in work, requiring benefit top-ups to survive.
    • Food banks.
    • Bedroom tax.
    • Social housing shortage.
    • Rip off private renting, loopholes and dodges.
    • Homelessness.
    Universal Credit – the heinous, 21st century equivalent of the 19th century poor house – heaping poverty,    deprivation and misery on millions. Death, even – on some.

All this while: –

• Big business and the super-rich are allowed to conceal society’s rich pickings in shady, off-shore bank       accounts.
• Big business and the super-rich are provided with tax loopholes, allowing £billions of corporation tax          avoidance.
• The few continue using society as a cash cow, to thrive and to prosper. Society, still segregated by wealth. The many, under the cosh of the all-consuming, profit driven ethos of Right-wing ideology – an ideology created, arranged and organized by the few, for the few.

The upshot being, throughout UK history, little has changed. The few, still riding high over the many. UK society, still in the pernicious grip of the social apartheid of a bygone age.

Many of the many, still blind to the reality that the ‘freedom’ they think they have is the phony freedom of a quasi-democracy. That ‘real freedom’, the freedom denied the many , we must take for ourselves. The few, using every weapon in their well-established armoury to prevent it. As in half-truths, exaggerations, lies, threats, scare tactics, force, legislation, bans and dirty tricks – all part of their usual ‘divide and conquer’ tactic.

A tactic that will continue to serve them well while ever the gullible and faint-hearted within the ranks of the many, lack the insight, courage and determination to reject the exploitive status quo of a bygone age. Replacing it with that in keeping with the values, senses and morality of the 21st century.

 The iniquity of UK’s ‘first past the post’ electoral system:

December 2019 General Election result: –

• Total votes cast – 32,026,222 = – – – –
• Conservative votes – 13,966,451 = 43.6%
• Other votes – 18,059,771 = 56.4%

• Available seats – 650
• Conservative seats – 365 = 58.4%
• Other seats – 260 = 41.6%

It has to be asked. Can an election truly be called democratic when 43.6% of the vote is allocated 58% of seats. While 56.4% of the vote get just 42%This, together with the since exposed, barefaced lies and deceit employed by the ‘leave’ camp in the run-up to the 2016 Brexit Referendum, raising serious questions about the legitimacy of where this country is being forced by what amounts to a Government lacking the consent of the majority?

Have no doubt. Whatever their rhetoric, the road down which UK society is being forced by what amounts to a minority Government, will further empower and enrich the few, while bringing little or no comfort to the many.

How do I know this?

Because, unlike post WW2 generations following mine, I have witnessed the truth of it first hand – time and again.

And who can blame them – the few?

I mean – the wealth, the power, the lifestyle – what’s not to like, to want to hang on to; whatever the lies, propaganda, trickery, skullduggery, force, restrictive laws and brutality it takes? No matter the struggles, deprivation, depression and mental anguish wrought upon countless swathes of the many?

Indeed, having endowed themselves with control of all the forces of authority, you might well think the few hold all the aces. But you’d be wrong.

What they fear most – and do all they can to mute and control – is people power. Which,
used properly – as in massive, forceful, but peaceful opposition to the imposition of Right-wing ideology, is more than enough to face down all of their lies, propaganda and trickery – etc..

The crunch time – should it ever come to it – would be if the few were to succeed in provoking the many into violent disorder, enabling the few to introduce martial law and extremes of punishment and retribution. Something which, given half the chance – real or cooked up – the few would impose without hesitation.

But there I go. Getting carried away.

Or am I?

The changing role of Capitalism – post WW2:

Capitalism was born of the need to raise capital during the opportunistic years of UK’s industrial revolutions – offering those of means, a stake in the ground breaking ventures of the day.

And, more or less, such remained the role of Capitalism right up to the time of WW2. The end of which, the new found power of the working class, coupled with sweeping advancements in science and technology, proved to be a game changer, threatening the power of the few.

It was at this time that Capitalism began to take on a darker role, evolving into a power source capable of the manipulation and control of society. A power source based on wealth and a socio-economic system designed to limit the power of the many.

Creating a society that, as well as serving the wants and desires of the few, is kept in check by their guile and ‘divide and conquer’ tactics.

The many, still held firm in the straightjacket of the status quo of a by-gone age.

Still blind to the entrapment and suppression imposed by the few.

Still dancing to the tune of Right-wing ideology – the continuing scourge of the many.

All – at odds with the values, senses and morality of 21st century society.


                                           ‘Come on you lot, take my word for it. This is for your own good’

SOCIETYISM – a life enhancing system for the 21st Century:

Yes – I know! There’s no such word as ‘societyism’. Or rather, there wasn’t – not until I invented it.

In essence, Societyism is about unity. The pooling of all the talents and aspirations of everyone able and willing to fully engage with society in a spirit of selfless determination to work together for the common good.

A society that, from cradle to grave, offers all involved, an equal opportunity to pursue and build the best life of their choosing; free from the life-destroying scourge of homelessness and the will sapping wretchedness of life in sub-standard housing. Fairness and equal opportunity being paramount.

The springboard and pre-requisite, being a decent, affordable home. Offering the stable base and environment required to raise a well-adjusted family.

The birth and slow demise of a caring society:

Ever since the end of WW2, May 1945, the heart and mind of UK society has been fought over by factions mainly representative of two sides. That of the few, depicted as being on the Right. And that of the many, on the Left – two sides of a status quo anchored in a bygone age.

A society that, decades after the end of WW2, remains blind to the self-serving disposition of the few. The misery and despair wrought by Right-wing ideology, still falling heavily on the shoulders of the many.

And let’s not forget. It is Conservatism that steered 21st century society into its present state of unrelenting  inequality. Labour – as in ‘true’ Labour – not having been in power since 1979.

New Labour, responsible for raising the lid on the Right’s Pandora’s Box, exposing society to the full-blown, self-serving nature of Right-wing ideology.

Such that now more than ever, UK society is crying out for leaders with a sense of society and a society prepared to back them with the resolve and determination to usher in the age of SOCIETYISM. An age of fairness, equal opportunity, co-operation and total commitment to the well-being of all prepared to fully engage with society to the best of their ability – whatever their talents and aspirations.

Social Unity – NOT – Social Segregation

A word of warning:

Don’t be fooled into thinking those who controlled pre-WW2 society have gone away. They haven’t. They and their descendants are still around, having melted into the shadows. Still in control. Still pulling all the strings. Still driven by self-interest. The few, still abusing the many.

And while ever the many remain ignorant and indifferent to the continuing abuse, the few will continue to blight the lives of generations to come!

Mark my words. While ever the few are allowed to reign supreme, there is the prospect of worse yet to come.

Such that, instead of enriching the lives of the many, the ever-spiralling advancements in technology, automation and AI will lead to rising unemployment and more reliance on an inadequate state benefit system that, in effect, controls the scope of the many – further enriching and empowering the few.

Their record, speaking for itself.

The continuing contagion of Right-wing ideology:

Over the years, ever since the end of WW2, I have observed the few slowly re-impose themselves over the many. Duping them into accepting a socio-economic system that favours the few.

Society, corralled and controlled by the ever-tightening grip of Right-wing ideology, destroying the essential fabric of a decent society – the very fabric built by the post war many to support them in times of need.

Right-wing ideology responsible for: –

Underfunding –

• Council and social services.
• Education.
• Roads.
• Public housing.
• Fire service.
• Police service.
• Trading standards

Privatizing –

• Gas & electricity
• Water.
• Rail.
• Public transport.
• Royal Mail
• Probation service
• Blood donation service.
• Numerous NHS services.

 Not forgetting –

• Bedroom tax.
• Universal credit and its punitive sanctions.
• Removal of nurse bursaries.
• Social housing crisis.
• Private renting crisis.
• Rising homelessness.
• Proliferation of food banks.
• Zero hours contracts.
• Increasing child poverty.
• Library closures.

Though eye-watering, this list does not fully convey the shameful depth of misery and deprivation inflicted across society by unbridled, rampant Right-wing ideology.

AND: –

As serious and concerning as the coronavirus crisis is, don’t let it blind you to the threat posed by the unrelenting contagion that is Right-wing ideology.

Although – with no intent of flippancy – I think ‘Connemavirus’ a more fitting name.

The vaccine against it – freely available.

Clipart used with permission from Microsoft