Forward to fairness and equal opportunity


While the end of WW2 brought Labour Government and new found power to the working class, it was a different story for the few who, having lost power to ride roughshod over the working class, found their world turned upside down; finding themselves in an unfamiliar world of uncertainty and apprehension.

Looking to retain their power and privilege, they came up with a plan. A simple one, involving lies, allusion, misinformation, guile and stealth – the stock-in-trade of propaganda  which, when added to the age-old ‘divide and conquer’ strategy, they use even to this day.

The road to where society now finds itself, kicking off with the Tory propaganda machine pulling out all the stops misrepresenting Socialism.

Something not too difficult, given both the monopoly power of the Tory press and the political naivety of the time. And, it has to be said, helped along the way in no uncertain manner when true Labour morphed into new Labour.  Its lurching it to the Right helping deliver society into the grasping hands of the corporate world on a scale not matched, even by Thatcherism.

Such shameful surrender will go down in Labour Party history as the ultimate betrayal of all it stands for. Laying the foundations to UK society becoming shackled to the demands of market forces.                 Courtesy of the evil that is Right-wing ideology.

New Labour’s surrender to Corporate Capitalism – did you know?

In 1999, New Labour’s ‘public service reforms’ paved the way for private sector involvement and commissioning of our NHS. Resulting in £billions of NHS funds being diverted into the coffers of the global,  profit driven, private health providers.

Likewise – the essential fabric of decent society being gifted to the boardrooms of the global, corporate world!

The waiting game:

The Tories know full well that sooner or later they will lose power. But, if they get away with what they have planned, they will be content.

As with public transport and the utilities – the big prizes of previous Tory administration – our public services, trading standards and NHS, as we know them, will be gone for ever.  And they, the Tories in it for the long haul – will live to plan for another day in what, for them, has become a cold, clinical, cynical, calculating waiting game.

You reap what you sow – UNITY or  DIVISION. 

The road to the RIGHT keeps society on the road of the status quo of a bygone age. At its heart, the ‘me ethos’, leading to unfettered capitalism and a divided society – as in, Right-wing ideology, the driving force behind Conservatism. Responsible for delivering food banks, zero hours contracts, poverty, misery, deprivation, a weakened workforce, social division and the dismantling of the fabric of a decent society, it is an ideology based on social inequality, intent on maintain the status quo of a bygone age.

Reminiscent of pre-ww2 UK society, the road to the right is totally at odds with the values, senses and morality of the 21st century society. The many, still living lives beset with struggle, poverty and deprivation; their standard of living and quality of life, still falling well-short of that of the few.

Whereas – the road to the LEFT is the road to unity. At its heart, the ‘us ethos’. Leading to a united society based on caring, sharing, goodwill, co-operation, trust and a true spirit of ‘togetherness’ – as in, ‘SOCIETYISM’. No such word? There is now.

ALL OTHER ROADS’, being a distraction – serving only to blur the picture.

To go down the ‘UNITY’ road will require millions getting behind leaders in a show of strength, resolve and determination to dismantle an outdated status quo, replacing it with a system that opens up the best life has to offer, to all able and willing to play their part.

Much is at is stake. Together, the many have the power to shape society how they, not the few, want it to be. Requiring enough ordinary people having the courage and good sense to reject the greed and selfishness of Right-wing ideology – confining it to history. But that will be just the beginning.

Under the banner of SOCIETYISM, driven by the us ethos, society must then press on down the ‘UNITY road. Remaining committed to delivering the opportunity of the best life has to offer to  all able and willing to play their part.

Food for thought: As the curtain came down on London Olympics 2012 I found myself reflecting on the sheer endeavour and grinding determination of all the Olympians, not least Team GB.

Add to that the undiluted enthusiasm of the great British public and you get the glimpse of an undercurrent of what could be achieved by a nation united under a common banner.

Watching Tory Ministers bask in the glory of Team GB I couldn’t help thinking – they and their kind should never be allowed control over the lives of millions of ordinary people’.

Bringing to mind a candid observation made by a European Minister.

Quote: –  ‘90% of top Tory ministers have no  idea how workers think, live, work or behave’.

For the record. The same Minister also attacked politicians ‘born with silver spoons in their mouths, who went to private schools and elite universities, who would not suffer as a result of a disorderly Brexit’.

Time, don’t you think, requiring all wanting to enter Parliament/Government to have acquired  in-depth experience of life as lived by the millions of ordinary people they aspire to govern?

A bit of nostalgia: – I remember a time, late 50s early 60s, when there was talk of future generations enjoying lifestyles of greater freedom from the toils of the day, brought about by the mind-boggling advancements in science, automation and technology. Of course, such, never was realized.

And now, as society enters the 3rd decade of the 21st century AD, and comparing it with the world I grew up in, I can’t help but reflect on the even greater, mind-boggling advancements in science, automation and technology, and what it should mean for society and the road ahead.

And then I came across a newspaper article concerning a proposal by The Centre for Social Justice, a Centre-Right think tank, suggesting increasing pension age to 70 by 2028, and then 75 by 2035.


Instead of millions forced into longer working lives, poverty wages and zero-hours contracts, and others having to work long hours to make ends meet, such advancements must be channelled into creating  conditions that enrich people’s lives – not more drudgery.

The aim being for a reduced working week, zero unemployment and a wage structure that provides the lowest paid with a life style free of financial worry.

One that, from cradle to grave, allows all able and willing to play their part, along with those unable to due to circumstances beyond their control; an equal opportunity to enjoy the best life has to offer.

This, while reducing the enormous gap between top and bottom pay and reining in the ill-gotten, accumulated wealth and power of the few.

The myth of UK democracy:

Democratically elected government is not the same as democratic government, which is a system of government based on majority decision making and the right of all to participate in the decision-making process.

And therein lies the myth at the heart of our so-called democracy – it isn’t democratic at all. Not when a vote every five years allows a small group of political fanatics, sway over the lives of millions.

Taking as carte blanche, the right to impose whatever their agenda without proper consultation and approval of society. At best this is quasi democracy. At worst – covert dictatorship.

Add to this the iniquity of UK’s ‘first past the post’ electoral system, and all pretence of UK democracy is shot to pieces. The ‘freedom’ society thinks it has, being the phony freedom of a quasi-democracy.

‘Real freedom’, the freedom we are denied, we must take for ourselves, the few, using all means possible to impede and prevent it.

Expect the usual ‘divide and conquer’ tactics, half-truths, exaggerations, lies, threats, scare tactics, force, legislation, bans and dirty tricks.

Don’t confuse post WW2 higher living standards with issues of fairness and equality. The former came about as a result of technology and a developing world. While the latter remains held back by the politics of the Right, the past timidity of the Left and, it has to be said, Joe Public’s woeful lack of interest and resolve in shaping his own life and future.

Small wonder unfairness and inequality in UK society has seen little real change, post WW2. For too long has society succumbed to the Tories’divide and conquer’ strategy, when what it desperately needs is a tangible sense of unity.

Not until society sees through the guile and deception of Right-wing ideology, rejecting it as selfish, unchristian, immoral and lacking any amount of empathy and compassion, will real change come about.

When ‘new’ Labour dragged ‘true’ Labour so far to the Right it all but surrendered its soul to Capitalism and Big Business. And, with the Tories hell bent on delivering a compliant workforce – what society desperately needs is a political party for the 21st century.

One not afraid to make the corporate world answerable to the millions of ordinary people that make up the bulk of society.

Britain is crying out for leaders with a sense of society and a society prepared to back them with the resolve and determination to usher in the age of SOCIETYISM.

An age of fairness, equal opportunity, co-operation and total commitment to the well-being of all. Instead of the divisive, dog-eat-dog, look after number one mentality of Right-wing ideology – as in the global corporate world.

And never forget. Money is just an invention, trading tokens. Of no tangible value until made so by the labours of the real wealth creators, the many

  – the few, the wealth takers!

Not a record to be proud of:

‘Life is so unfair’!  How many times have you thought it? Indeed, how many times have you heard it said as though it were a natural consequence of life – of ‘being’?

Yes -life is unfair and unequal. But not because of some ‘natural’ law.

The fact is, Conservatism has been the dominant UK political force stretching back many generations. It’s record, not something to something to be proud of.

If that were not the case, 21st century society poverty and deprivation would not abound in a country as rich as the UK.

To understand why it does, you need to look at the rules and laws governing big business, international taxation, civil and worker’s rights, and society as a whole – and who makes them!

And you need to understand. Without social and political revolution, society will continue to suffer the politics of the inequality enshrined in Conservatism and the greed and selfishness of Right-wing ideology.

Leaders alone can’t bring this about:

Only with the backing and determined resolve of the millions that make up Joe Public, standing shoulder to shoulder, united against a status quo locked in a bygone age, can the task of building a fair and caring society truly begin.

A precursor to ushering in an era of co-operation, caring and sharing, and a real spirit of ‘unity‘, time is for the sleeping giant to awaken, to reject today’s outdated status quo – confining it to history.

Which only can be brought about by a system that puts the needs of ordinary people, not big business, at the heart of society. Big business, the servant – not the master.

At odds with the values, senses and morality of the 21st century, it now rests with Labour to turn up the heat on the centuries old status quo and the Right’s repressive, Right-wing ideology. Replacing both with a modern, 21st century, level playing field that provides for all able and willing to fully engage with society, the best that life has to offer. 

But it cannot be done without society’s total supportUnity, being the key. 


Clipart used with permission from Microsoft