Far from being a failure, the ‘Corbyn’ era served as a catalyst, reviving the faltering fight against the gross inequality and unfairness that is the hallmark of Right-wing ideology and that of a status quo rooted and locked in a bygone age both at odds with values, senses and morality of the 21st century.

Picking up on that: –

Instead of just taking on the Tories, piecemeal – as in policy by policy – time is for an all-encompassing approach. And for Labour’s new leaders to turn up the heat on Right-wing ideology, challenging the inordinate power of the few and questioning their role in an Establishment, equally at odds with the values, senses and morality of the 21st century.

Which means attacking Right-wing ideology – broadside on. Exposing the deceit of the few, their ingrained perception of their primacy and their unwavering determination to maintain the politics of inequality – by whatever means

From whence it derives its basic, self-serving, self-surviving doctrine of: –

           a) Putting the interests of the corporate world,(the world of the few), before those of society.
           b) Controlling society such that it serves the needs of the corporate world.

To a large degree, the latter achieved by a system which, in effect, restricts horizons, restrains aspirations and limits the financial power of the many. Effectively putting society ‘on the backfoot’.

The continuing dominance of the few, thriving on deceit, social division and – it has to be said, a large degree of apathy on the part of the many. Division and apathy, furthered and fed by the guile of the few.

Something Labour needs to focus on and address. Post-haste.