Joe Public Unchained & United


In today’s world, confronting the rich and powerful  takes a different kind of courage to that of days gone by – the courage to face the might of a Tory propaganda machine that will stop at nothing to ridicule, discredit, vilify and generally pour scorn on those perceived as a threat to the age old, social order – mainly Labour/union leaders, but anyone with views and ideas seen as challenging the status quo is in danger of coming under its spotlight. 

Rooted in a bygone age and ably promoted by its propaganda machine, Right-wing ideology continues to serve the few, well, creating division and weakening the ranks of ordinary people as it seeks to preserve a privileged way of life at odd with the values, senses and morality of the twenty first century.

Divide and conquer – a ploy used throughout the ages. Watch out for it in the coming weeks and months ahead as the Tory propaganda machine gets into full swing, discrediting all opposed to their plans. Plans that amount to ripping the heart out of society, replacing it with a cash register.

Nothing scares the few more than the thought of ordinary people getting organized against the inequalities enshrined in Right-wing ideology.

Which is why they spend so much time and effort trashing trade unions and organized workforce, never missing a chance to disparage, vilify and undermine their influence.

Sadly, many ordinary people seem unaware it was trade unions fought against the deprivation, poverty and glaring inequalities of the early/mid twentieth century; and how it was they, along with the Labour Party, brought about change for the better. Change opposed every step along the way by the Tories.

The change, everyone now takes for granted!

Small wonder the thought of people power scares the crap out of the ‘Rabid Right’. Which is why they sought to destroy it when they took on the miners in 1984.

And why , even as we enter the 3rd decade of the 21st century, they persist with their campaign aimed at destroying people power.

That collective action works can be seen in better pay and conditions for  workers better organized, as opposed to those not.

Instead of seeking to bring organized labor down to their level, as the Tories would have it; those not so organized would do better to join the ranks of those that are, and demand better pay, terms and conditions for themselves.

Turning on their own is to fall for the Tories’ ‘divide and conquer’ strategy.

Better to turn their attention to the inequalities enshrined in the Right-wing ideology that seeks to strengthen and sustain a status quo of a bygone age, at odds with the values, senses and morality of the 21st century.

Tax havens and offshore banking: – Mostly to the benefit of the business world and the very wealthy, tax havens and offshore banking go hand-in-hand with Right-wing ideology, allowing the wealth and profit created by the labours of the many to, in effect, evade shoring up the essential fabric of a decent society.

 The very same fabric presently being torn down – courtesy of the Right-wing ideology the few are so supportive of.

Selfish, divisive, unchristian and lacking any amount of moralitythe true enemy within is embodied in the evils of Right-wing ideology and a status quo locked in a bygone age.

A two headed monster, it stalks society, creating wealth for the few and helping maintain their grip on 21st century society.

Much of what is good for big business is not good for ordinary people – which is where ‘unions’ come in.

Without them, as history shows, ordinary people are at the mercy of the few. Which is where big business and Right-wing ideology  would have them.

Such, born out by Tory Government suppressing union power when it took on the miners 1984/5, destroying Britain’s mining industry and whole communities in the process, (history will show it for the wickedness it truly was), weakening workers’ bargaining hand and their ability to resist unreasonable, employer demands.

Not surprisingly, having served them well over the years, the Tories still stick with their ‘divide and conquer’ strategy, still hoping to neuter and destroy unions as an effective platform for people power.

Thankfully, more and more ordinary people are beginning to see through their divisive ploy.

Food for thought:flashing bulb

Conservatism * –     Look it up – you’ll find it embraces the politics of inequality.

                                         There is wickedness and deceit in an ideology that purports to be for the good of all                                               while embracing the politics of inequality.

The Status Quo *  –  Rooted and locked in a bygone age, it offends the values, senses and morality of the                                             21st century. 

Capitalism  *          –  Controlled by the ‘few‘, it continues to provide them with a privileged lifestyle off                                                   the backs of the many.                    


Not since the last Tory administration have the  lives, well-being, aspirations and livelihoods of so many been threatened by the political ambitions of so few


–  and therein lies the problem?
Apart from a vote every 5 years we have become a society that can’t be bothered to get involved in shaping or own lives and destiny. Leaving ourselves at the mercy of those that will.

   THE FEW !

Pervasive sense of deceit:

Wherever one looks there is a pervasive sense of deceit, dishonesty and deviousness in what this Tory Government wants us to believe and the reality of what is happening all around. Each passing day exposing Right-wing ideology for the evil it truly is. Any meaningful recovery for ordinary people, a sham.

Public workers‘ pay freeze; cuts in public services; NHS privatized *; maternity wards closed; hospital   waiting times soaring; failing social care; GP surgeries closing; energy bills soaring; zero hours contracts; food banks; poverty wages; low paid self-employment; lack of quality, full time jobs; people forced into temporary/part time work; chronic social housing shortage – the list goes on.

Bank bonuses up 40%; boardroom pay up 15%; MPs pay up 16%; £billions tax giveaway to millionaires; UK assets gifted to global investors; top pay 180 times that of ordinary workers; shady offshore banking; tax avoidance; ‘free schools’ financed at the expense of state schools – etcetera.

* The Tories’ Health and Social Care Act 2012 requires NHS services worth over a         certain amount (presently around a mere £650,000!!) be  put out for tender.

Leaving just about everything up for grabs by hedge funds and the global health industry.

Resulting in £billions of NHS budget being diverted into the coffers of ‘for profit’ health care providers. Their main aim, to squeeze out every ounce of profit.

Achieved by ‘efficiency measures’. Or, to put it another way – ‘cutting corners’ !

                                        Something the NHS is obligated not to do.                                                         
The recurring nightmare of Right-wing ideology:

It is no coincidence growth of inequality coincided with the advent of ‘Thatcherism’ in the 1980’s when, at the height of her power, Margaret Thatcher infamously declared ‘there is no such thing as society. Unleashing unfettered, corporate capitalism, and privatizing swathes of British industry.

Gas, electricity, water, rail and public transport – all sold off to global investors. With the same disastrous consequences now being inflicted on today’s society. Our NHS in particular.

History will show such ideology for the repressive, regressive, divisive, elitist, immoral, unchristian, selfish, wickedness it truly is. At its heart, the retention of wealth and power by the few and strengthening the grip of a status quo that, rooted and locked in a bygone age, offends the values, senses and morality of the 21st century.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating – years of unfettered capitalism bringing about the near collapse of global finance. Millions forced into part time, temporary and zero hours work. Food banks, poverty wages, rip off payday loans, council and social services decimated, the NHS, nursing, police, the elderly, young and disabled, community services, local government, social housing, in work benefits and tax credits – all hit with savage cuts.

Not as an economic necessity, but as a political choice. Leaving poverty and deprivation in its wake. All the while, the rich getting richer. And this, the Tories claim as proof of their success!

At best – delusional comes to mind. At worst – a bunch of self-serving con merchants.

  Either way – not fit for purpose in the 21st century!

Food for thought:flashing bulb

As a mechanism for producing the needs of society there is nothing wrong with Capitalism, per se. Where it fails is in the myth of the so called ‘trickle down’ effect.

The few, using Corporate Capitalism and a fettered society to maintain their privileged way of life.

Conservatism, Right-wing ideology and the need for change:

Ever since the end of WW2 I have witnessed generation after generation being duped by the Tory propaganda machine’s boundless talent for deceit and duplicity. 

But times and circumstances have change. The difference between ‘then’ and ‘now’ glaringly obvious to those who lived through them.

Then – people were more easily misled by the Tory press and, more to the point, yet to experience the harsh reality of unrestrained Right-wing ideology.

Now – having experienced the double standards of Right-wing ideology, and all the more aware of the duplicity and political spin, society is questioning the need for such severe austerity. And why those imposing it, together with those responsible for the near collapse of global banking, are not also subject to its pain, misery and deprivation?

And why is it a Government that can find £billions to prop up banks and fight wars cannot find the relatively few £billions to maintain the essential fabric of a decent society. The very fabric which, having  created it, the many depend upon for their wellbeing? The few having no such need!

As any honest witness of post WW2 politics and the continuing struggle between Left and Right would agree, the unequivocal answer lies with  Conservatism and a status quo rooted and locked in a bygone age.  The politics of the few, by the few, for the few. As in – the politics of inequality.  

And don’t be fooled or swayed by the usual ‘politics of envy’ response. Such is to be expected from those quite at ease turning a blind eye to the rampant exploitation, greed and corruption of corporate capitalism and the ingrained lack of empathy at the heart of Right-wing ideology.

In whose hands the benefit system – meant to help those experiencing hard times, has  been turned into a 21st century version of the Victorian workhouse for those struggling to survive the pernicious climate of 21st century Right-wing ideology.

How long before it advocates chain gangs and the stocks for its victims – the poor, the homeless, the ill-educated and the unemployed?

To those not steeped in Conservative dogma it is blindingly obvious Right-wing ideology is a blight on modern society – at odds with the values, senses and morality of the 21st century




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