21st Century Feudalism

Over the years the consensus politics of the early post WW2 years became replaced by the innate greed and selfishness of Right-wing ideology, alarmingly characterized by the chilling statement –                  

‘There is no such thing as society’. Tory PM (1987)  

 Pernicious, divisive and self-seeking, the few continue to pursue Right-wing ideology with ever-increasing openness, relish and determination. Such that Capitalism is allowed the freedom to operate outside the boundaries of social and environmental responsibility.

21st Century Feudalism:

Group ‘A’: Having long since set themselves above and apart, the powerful social elite live a largely undeserved privileged life off the back of society. For so long have they ruled the roost they have taken to seeing it see as ‘the natural order’.

Group ‘B’:  The group that gets things done. For so long controlled by the guile of Group ‘A’, many are now questioning the gross imbalance of wealth and the power and control that goes with it, finding it unacceptable in the 21st century, but duped into thinking there is no better alternative.

Group ‘C’: Born of generations of neglect and exclusion, cast adrift of mainstream society, there exists a substantial minority group. Largely ignored, they carry little or no weight, except as society’s whipping boy.

And, as we enter the 3rd decade of the 21st century, I can’t help thinking how little society’s hierarchy has changed over the centuries. Such that: –

Throughout life, child ‘A’ will be guaranteed the very best life has to offer. The best childhood, the best education, the best opportunities, the best jobs – in whatever field they choose. The very best of everything life has to offer falling straight into their lap. Their future pretty much preordained.

Whereas children born into groups ‘B’ and ‘C’ will be guaranteed to face barriers child ‘A’ will never even be aware of – they and their descendants, forever living in the shadow of group ‘A’. Their futures, also pretty much preordained. 

Not because they are inferior or less deserving, but simply as a result of the ‘A’ ‘B’ ‘C’ birth lottery – courtesy of a status quo rooted and locked in a bygone age and the Right-wing ideology that sustains it –     an ideology that offends the values, senses and morality of the 21st century.



None are free WHO Do not control their own life & destiny:

In the 21st century there is something inherently wrong with a system that virtually guarantees an obscenely disparate amount of the wealth created by the many is diverted into the coffers of the few, generation after generation, and with it, power and control over society. Courtesy of a status quo locked in a bygone age – at odds with values, senses and morality of the 21st century.

And, as time has shown beyond all doubt, the few have neither the desire nor the intent to surrender their privileged status, any more than to create a truly fair society offering equal opportunity to all able and willing to play their part.

As witness their ruthless rejection of such over the centuries, and their continuing, implacable rejection of such – even to this day, well into the 21st century!

Although still not averse to using force as a last resort to get their way in today’s world, they now mainly rely on guile and the age-old ‘divide and conquer’ strategy. That, and the law – their law, of course!

Law devised to contain and control any situation threatening the supremacy of the few and an outdated status quo – at odds with the values, senses and morality of the 21st century!


The conclusion being. If ever there is to be genuine fairness and equal opportunity, it rests with the millions of ordinary people to shake off the shackles and obscenity of an outdated status quo and to take control of their own life and destiny.

Such, only can be achieved at the ballot box –

 – by a wised-up society!

The good news is society has it within its power to rid itself of a centuries old, outdated status quo and to usher in an era in tune with the values, senses and morality of the 21st century. A modern era, based on fairness from cradle to grave, including the certainty of equal opportunity for all able and willing to contribute to the best of their ability.
Only then can the obscenities of a centuries old, social divide be swept away and groups ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘C’ be brought together as one.
It can and must be done if society is to avoid being dragged further into the abyss of a more deeply divided, deeply unequal society.  A very real risk posed by the ongoing imposition of callous, Right-wing ideology.                 
The expendables:

Throughout the centuries,  those of so called ‘low-birth’ – serfs, peasants and the like (the many) – lived out a meagre existence under the yoke of those born of so called ‘higher stock’, (the few).

Such was their status, they were viewed and treated as expendable.

Bringing things more up to date:

On coming to power, May 2010, unleashing unfettered Right-wing ideology on a traumatized nation reeling from the threat caused (engineered?) by the bankers, and seen as being ripe for the picking’much the same can justifiably be said of how, in the 21st century, the few still see the manyas expendable to the cause of Right-wing ideology and the maintaining the status quo of a bygone age.

Sadly, that the divisive chasm between the few and the many still exists to this day is largely down to society not challenging its subservience to big business.

Not until such self-serving ideology is replaced by that in keeping with the values, senses and morality of the 21st century, can the tale be stopped from wagging the dog.

Such change will not come without control of the fabric of a decent society. Water, gas, electricity, housing, education, health, rail and public transport – owned and run, not by private enterprise, for the benefit of shareholders; but by society, itself – for the benefit of the whole of society.

Everyone committed to building and maintaining thriving enterprises that fill the needs of society – not the pockets of shareholders. Each industry, scrutinized by a panel  representing the interests of society -something akin to a select committee, but independent of Government.

Leaders alone can’t bring this about. Only with the backing and determined resolve of the millions that make up Joe Public, standing shoulder to shoulder, united against a status quo locked in a bygone age, can the task of building a truly fair and caring society truly begin.

Time is for the sleeping giant to reject today’s outdated status quo, confining it to history. And to usher in an era of co-operation, caring and sharing, and a real spirit of ‘all in it together’. Putting the needs and wellbeing of ordinary people, not big business, at the heart of society – something that only can be brought about by a united society.

Unity being the key to ridding ourselves of an outdated status quo and the ushering in of the dawn of Societyism. Freeing the way for ourselves and future generations to enjoy life to the full. Forever free from the shackles imposed on our forefathers as a consequence of the circumstances of their birth.


Thankfully, there is the sense western society is beginning to see through and baulk at the self-serving, self-seeking nature of Right-wing ideology.

Even in America, the West’s Mecca to Capitalism, there is growing opposition to the demands and power of free market forces, as more and more people become switched on and opposed to the ruthless, cold calculating nature of Right-wing ideology.

The way forward to a better society – a better Britain:

Driven by science and technology, the world moved on at breakneck speed in the latter part of the 20th century. Sadly, the same cannot be said of politics or the status quo, both remaining firmly rooted in a bygone age.

Those familiar with the politics of the 20th century could not be blamed for feeling trapped by the inequality enshrined in the wickedness that is Conservatism, and let down by a system that, in effect, allows commerce and the corporate world the freedom to hold sway over the lives of the vast bulk of society.

Not to mention a public all too easily split by the ‘divide and conquer’ strategy. A strategy that time and again has served the ‘few’, well.

What today’s society needs is a political and social revolution. One that that opens up the opportunity of the best life has to offer to all – not just those privileged by the circumstances of their birth.

What today’s society needs is ‘SOCIETYISM’.

No such word?   (that sounds familiar)   There is now!

SOCIETYISM is about replacing a status quo rooted and locked in a bygone age,  with something in keeping with the values, senses and morality of the 21st century.

Something a far cry from the suppressive, exploitative politics of Right-wing ideology. Something, truly progressive, inclusive and all-embracing.

Something that, from cradle to grave, puts all on an equal footing. Offering each and every individual able and willing to play their part, an equal opportunity to enjoy the very best life has to offer.

No ifs. No buts. No privileges. Just respect for being whatever their part of the whole that makes for a fair and decent society.

 First off, let’s get one thing straight. Living life to the full does not require enormous wealth. Just enough to live well, will suffice.

That said, 2 questions need  to be asked: –

1. What constitutes a fair and decent society?

Certainly not one where millions of those ‘in work’ go through life, ‘just managing’. Many forced to live in scandalously, sub-standard housing and families trapped in a hopeless cycle of poverty and deprivation. Even those relatively well-off, feeling the strain  courtesy of Right-wing ideology.

2. What does the average Mr & Mrs Joe Public want from life, for themselves and their family?

Apart from not being subjected to the imposition of Right-wing ideology, how about: –

  • A decent, affordable house – the bedrock of stable family life and decent society.
  • The best possible education, lifelong training and support for all – from kinder garden, through to university and beyond.
  • A well-funded NHS, free of the profit driven ethos of the corporate world.
  • The essentials of life – as in water, gas, electricity, postal service, rail and public transport, etc., run as not-for-profit, public enterprises, ultimately accountable neither to shareholders nor Government, but to society, through its appropriately qualified representatives.
  • Well-paid work and equal opportunity, based purely on ability, not status.
  • Employee share schemes and meaningful involvement in decisions affecting their working and everyday life.
  • True democracy, instead of today’s quasi democracy and being treated as expendable in an outdated, status quo controlled by the few.
  • Respect for all prepared to help fulfil the needs of a truly fair and caring society.

Time is for change. For society to sweep away the suppressive barriers of a bygone age and to clear the way forward to a better life, a better society and a better Britain – for all able and willing to fully play their part.

A way that for far too long has been opposed and blocked by Right-wing ideology and the self-serving endeavours of the few.

And don’t be fooled or swayed by the Rabid Right’s usual ‘politics of envy’ response.

Such is to be expected from those quite at ease turning a blind eye to the exploitation, greed and corruption at the heart of corporate capitalism, and the glaring lack of empathy at the heart of Right-wing ideology. An outdated ideology, rooted in a bygone age. Still relentlessly pursued by a bunch of delusional, psychopathic sociopaths – desperate to cling on to a life of inherited wealth and privilege. 

Judging by their ingrained mindset, how long before they advocate chain gangs and the poor house for victims of their system – the poor, the ill-educated and the unemployed?

                                                    Food for thought:

Divide and conquer: Not until society sees through such pernicious ideology, will fairness and equal opportunity  prevail over a status quo of a bygone age that continues to provide affluence and riches for the few at the expense of the many.

As for the myth of the so-called ‘trickledown effect’. Little more than a failed charity, it has delivered food banks, poverty wages, want and subsistence levels, not seen since pre WW2.

This, while the fortunes of the few continue to outstrip the dwindling fortunes of the many, on a scale of ever-increasing obscenity.

And what of those trapped in a cycle of generational poverty and deprivation? Something that, under Right-wing ideology, has surfaced as the norm. Breeding a mindset casting a sizeable minority adrift and at odds with mainstream society?

All products of the evil that is Right-wing ideology.


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