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Public money boosting privatised assets:

The 1980s brought with it the full blown nature of RWI. Revealing, at its  heart, the self-serving, self-centred ethos of the fewdelivering UK society into the clutches of global Capitalism. A situation which  exists to this day, here and now, in the 3rd decade of the 21st century – as witness the interminable, ongoing exploitation of UK’s privatised, public services.

N.B. The sale price of UK’s public services was set so low by the then Tory Government, that within hours of being privatized, global investors pocketed huge profits.

That was over 40 years ago. Shareholders foreign governments included, having since pocketed 100s of £billions more in dividends. Now, as well as illegally dumping tons of raw sewage into our rivers and seas, water companies are demanding £billions of public money to upgrade what, under private ownership, has become a neglected, underfunded water infrastructure.

                 ‘WIN-WIN’, for Global Shareholders’  – ::: – ‘LOSE-LOSE,’ for UK’s Joe Public’
– so much for the RIGHT’S claim to supporting the millions of hardworking, UK taxpayers!
Time, all UKs’ public services were returned to public control. The 100s of £billions profit  pocketed by the corporate world,  redirected into UK’s public purse – helping support and maintain  UK’s essential, public services.


The gross inequality Right-wing ideology  hangs its hat on:

In allowing the business world to impose its demands on society’s work force, there is no doubt in my mind that, as embraced by the political wing of  the corporate world, Right-wing ideology not only flies in the face of democracy, but is also at the heart of  much of society’s social ills.

Indeed, while ever it is allowed a free hand,   UK will remain trapped in the status quo of a bygone age, out of tune with the  values, senses and morality of the modern, 21st century world.

The so called ‘free market’ is to freedom, what ‘shackles and harness’ is to beasts of burden:

Mainly fuelled and powered by the obscenely disparate and inordinate wealth of the few – far from being its saviour, the so called ‘free market’ has come to dominate 21st century society. And such will remain the case while ever society remains subjects to the  self-seeking, self-serving edicts of Right-wing ideology.

An ideology designed, not only to channel the wealth created by the endeavours of the many, into the coffers of the few, but also to maintain the social and economic divide of a bygone age.     I don’t know about you, but it’s certainly not the future I want  my own progeny to inherit.

The restrictive doctrine of Right-wing Ideology:

There is so much more to be had from life than that provided by RWI. Indeed, rather than seeking to open up the exciting, life-enhancing possibilities of 21st century life, its effect is one of containment. As witness the restrictive lifestyle its doctrine delivers  to the many, as opposed to that it delivers to the few. 

Time, don’t you think, the personal identities of leading shareholders in UK’s public services were made public?


The never ending dominance of the few:

In allowing the business world to impose its demands on society’s workforce, there is no doubt in my mind that, as adopted by the political wing of the corporate world, RWI not only flies in the face of democracy, but is also at the heart of 21st century, social ills.

Indeed, while ever UK society accepts the edicts of RWI, it will continue to suffer the gross inequality such ideology hangs its hat on.

Time, UK society rejected the divisive hierarchy of a bygone age, confining to history the status quo of a bygone age that continues to allow the few, inordinate control over the many.

Replacing it with something in keeping with the values, senses and morality of 21st century society. Where everyone’s talents and abilities are channelled into providing the best life has to offer to all prepared to fully engage with a culture dedicated to delivering social and economic fairness to 21st century society. Reigning in and confining to history, the ill-gotten, divisive social structure embraced by RWI.

For that to become a reality will require a greater share of the wealth created by the endeavours of the many, to be fed into the coffers of society – to the benefit of all. Failing that, all talk of ‘levelling up’ is, quite simply, empty rhetoric.

Essentially, this will require all privatised public services being returned to public ownership –                     – at minimal cost to the public purse.

Indeed, while ever Capitalism delivers inordinate wealth into the pockets of the few, millions will remain  locked in the status quo of a bygone age – forever trapped in the soul destroying, divisive cycle of life provided by  RWI. Unable, even, to make first rung on the so called, ‘ladder of success’.

For them, the so called ‘ladder of success’ – just an illusion.





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