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The origin of modern economics is usually accredited to Adam Smith, as presented in his book ‘An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations’, published in 1776. His upbeat view of the emerging industrial system and governing mechanism – ‘the markets’, long-since adopted and commandeered by the few. His views regarding the resulting equilibrium of wealth distribution, long-since exposed for the wishful thinking it always was.

Now, more than two centuries on, his views  have become wired into the psyche of the corporate world, blighting the lives of millions, here and now, in the 3rd decade of the 21st century –

– courtesy of Right-wing ideology


Right-wing Storm Troopers:

Fascism has many faces – enforced domination and subjugation, its theme throughout. Enter the Storm Troopers of Right-wing ideology – the Corporate world. Tasked with and given the power to, in effect, dominate and subjugate society’s workforce. With licence to dismiss workers not willing to submit to its demands. Society’s workforce, in effect, handed over to the arbitrary rule of the boardrooms of the Corporate world; further entrenching the centuries old power of the few over the many courtesy of Right-wing ideology.

  • How long before workers are deprived of any meaningful protection from the will and demands of the Corporate world?
  • How long before union members are required to wear red stars on their outer garments?
  • For how long is 21st century society to remain trapped in the tenacious tentacles of a bygone age?
  • Time, don’t you think, the age-old power structure of a bygone age was confined to history, along with its entrenched social segregation, inequalities and, not least, its entrenched wealth gap?
  • Time also, don’t you think, all the trappings of monarchy and aristocracy were confined to history, and for the few to merge forces with the many. Society working together, as one – for the common good?

Don’t hold your breath. Such, never will happen while ever society remains trapped  in the heinous bonds of Right-wing ideology – an ideology that continues to deliver a society beset with poverty, inequality, deprivation, division and despair. Its grasping tentacles committing the fate of society’s workers, and hence, that of the whole of society, into the hands of the commercial world – raising the spectre of Corporate Fascism.

But, happen it must if society, our planet, this Earth – this tiny rock hurtling through an unimaginable expanse of space – is to have a happy ending.

The Spoils of War: Throughout the ages, people have profited from the spoils of war. Now, here in the 21st century world, the suffering, death, mayhem and destruction caused by war is on a scale made all the more unimaginable and appalling by the destructive power of modern weaponry. That some sections of the Corporate world unashamedly reap in the profits it generates is, in itself, a damning indictment of Right-wing ideology – shining a light on its innate callousness and unfitness to take centre stage on what is best for society. Not until the pursuit of the wellbeing of all takes precedence over the pursuit of profit, will our world become a fit place for all to live and to thrive.

I make no apology for emphasising – While ever society remains prisoner to the heinous concept of Right-wing ideology (RWI)  – a concept which continues to deliver a society beset with poverty, inequality, deprivation, division and despair, its grasping tentacles will continue to inflict privation on hapless swathes of society.


Corporate World v Workers’ World:

Normally, when two opposing sides enter negotiations, neither side can claim the role of judge and jury. If that were not the case, it would, of course, amount to dictatorship – pure and simple. Which exactly is the case now employers are allowed to impose their will over employees * –  courtesy of Right-wing ideology.

* Just in case it has escaped your notice, employers have been handed the power to tear up employees’ work contracts and impose new. Existing employees1. having no option other than to accept or be dismissed and replaced by someone – shall we say, more compliant?  

1.It’s worth noting. So far, it largely has been targeted at non-unionised workers – supermarket, shop and part time workers, being the most vulnerable!

Time, perhaps, for those in the ‘firing’2. line to consider joining the ranks of union members and help fight and overturn this repressive diktat imposed on UK workers.

2.Couldn’t resist the pun – but don’t let it detract from the fact such power is the mark of fascist  regimes, the world over!

That apart, the laws limiting UK trade union activity are amongst the strictest in the Western world. The noose around UK’s workers’ ability to resist the demands of employers – forever tightening. This, while laws governing the corporate world allow it to operate outside the perimeters of what is neither fair nor good for society. Re. raw sewage dumped by water companies, FTSE 100 CEO’s inflation busting salaries and bonuses, tripling of profits for energy and water companies – not to mention the deplorable underfunding of UK’s most treasured service –   the peoples’ NHS.

When £billions of the NHS budget (i.e. taxpayer’s money), is channelled into the coffers of the global health industry – courtesy of the Tory’s ‘Health and Social Care Act 2012’, any suggestion it still remains free at the point of need is a blatant lie.

Time, the essential fabric of UK society – water, gas, electricity, housing, rail and public transport was returned to public ownership and run by the society it serves. Likewise, our privatised NHS services.

The difference? Instead of  hundreds of £billions being siphoned into shareholders’ pockets, it will go toward helping maintain and sustain the essential fabric of UK society.

Totally lacking in any amount of 21st century values, senses and morality, far from being its saviour, the ever-self-serving few have shown themselves to be 21st century society’s jailer and archenemy, striving to return society back to the master/servant days of a bygone age, courtesy of RWI the politics of division and inequality!

Time to remove it from the political arena of the 21st century!


“Morally reprehensible, sinful, wicked. A source of harm and distress”–                                                                 – my dictionary’s definition of evil.
A definition that equally can be applied to Right-wing ideology (RWI) – the abhorrent scourge of 21st century society

Evil reveals itself in many forms. Some, obvious. Others, not so – as is the case with RWI. How so – you might well ask?

Well, basically, centuries ago, as is well known, UK monarchs exercised totalitarian rule over society until the English Civil War brought about a loose form of parliamentarian rule – Oliver Cromwell having taken charge. As society grew and progressed, other prominent groups of society became involved in government, accumulating great, personal wealth.

Cutting a long story short:  Over time, UK society became divided into two factions, the few and the many, separated by an impregnable barrier – the few, very much in command. That is until the end of WW2 brought with it a watershed moment. The mind boggling advances in science and technology, in effect, delivering power to the working class. Forcing the few to change tack. Replacing the impregnable barrier, with an impenetrable glass ceiling. Their accumulated wealth, together with the ever increasing demands of Capitalism, helping them to maintain their long established grip on society – until now. 21st century society questioning its’ remaining subject to the outdated ways and trappings of a bygone age and millions still forced to live in sub-standard circumstances, not of their own making. Titles and inherited privilege, out of step with the values, senses and morality of modern, 21st century society.

Undervalued, confined and controlled – the life RWI inflicts upon the many is not shared by its advocates.

Of a bygone age – while ever such divisive ideology is allowed a place in the arena of 21st century politics, millions will remain deprived and cheated of much of the pleasures offered by life in the 21st century.

Championed by the guardians of a bygone age, RWI has had its’ day. Change is long overdue. For the prevailing ways of the distant past – ways, separating the few from the many, to be removed and replaced by values more befitting the senses and morality of 21st century society. A society brought together by a real sense of unity and interdependence, having been woke to the ingrained, self-serving nature of RWI and the direness of the consequences it continues to impose across the face of UK, 21st century society.

Time to call time on RWI. Replacing division, with a system dedicated to delivering the wellbeing of all, not endlessly lining the pockets of the few.

Thankfully, a new dawn is coming. You can be part of it, help shape and mould the incoming tide by rejecting the old, time worn politics of division and embracing the new, politics of unity the politics of  21st century society.


Re. The Tories’ Public Order Act

Recently – coming from circles supportive of a more autocratic, Right-wing ideology (RWI), you might have heard or read of talk about toughening up the laws relating to further restricting the rights of disgruntled sections of society. For the record, such talk relates to the prevailing RWI being replaced by a distinctly, more hard line RWI. Something – little short of repression. A whisker short of Fascism, even.

Whereas the status quo referred to in this blog relates to the need for the prevailing status quo of a bygone age to be replaced by one more in line with the values, senses and morality of the 21st century. One that puts the wellbeing of all, head and shoulders above the milking, conveyor belt mentality that continues to line the pockets of the few – be it CEOs of FTSE100/water/gas/electricity/rail transport/ local transport/bankers/money lenders/mortgage lenders, or the idle rich – all, intrinsically woven into the fabric of a bygone age and bound together with the evil that is Right-wing ideology.


The Tories ‘Dash for Growth – Boom and Bust’ Years:

 I remember the time when, in the 1960s, the Right-wing press boasted headlines praising ‘Boom, Boom Britain’.

It didn’t last. Tory Britain going ‘bust’ – not once, but several times in the years to come.

  • The 1964 ‘bust’: – Having been in charge for 13 years, Tory Government was ousted. Referring to the state of the budget and balance of payments, the outgoing Tory Chancellor left a note for the incoming, Labour Chancellor. It read: –             “Good luck, old cock… sorry to leave it in such a mess.”
  • The mid 1970s ‘bust’: – Another failed Tory Government. The incoming Labour Government inheriting yet another mess – finding itself having to deal with a post-war high, 27% inflation, and in the embarrassing position of having to request an IMF loan (International Monetary Fund). A fund created to assist poorer, third world countries.
  • The 1980/81 & 1990/92 ‘busts’: – Both, while UK was in the grip of a Tory Government focussed on imposing an increasingly harsh, Right-wing agenda.
  • September 2022: – The Tory Right’s latest ‘dash for growth’, leaving the UK tottering on the brink of recession – inflation, over 10%.
  • May 2023: – Across the length and breadth of UK society, multitudes finding themselves unable to properly feed themselves, pay their rent/mortgage, energy bills, debts, car and public transport costs, etc. Heaping hardship and misery on people fearful of what the future may hold for themselves and their families under the continuing imposition of an ideology rooted in a bygone era, at odds with the values, senses and morality of a more enlightened, 21st century society.  A society where, without the skills, muscles and endeavours of millions, money has little value.

–  and CEOs get to rake in £millions/annum, wheras £10.42/hr is considered sufficient wage for millions of others.

Did you know?

As well as acquiring a superiority mind-set born of centuries of being ‘top dog’, along the way, the few also claimed as their own, vast amounts of accumulated wealth. Enabling them to use Capitalism and RWI as their modern day tools to maintain their centuries old grip on society, here and now, in the 21st century.

 Free 21st century society from the hierarchy and shackles of a bygone age.


Wealth’s Power Over Society:

In a world where wealth has become a source of dominant power over society, it’s no surprise that over centuries of having amassed enormous wealth from the endeavours of the many, the few have all but cornered UK wealth – the advent of Capitalism, serving to strengthening their grip

It wasn’t until the end of WW2 brought with it a watershed moment – not only revealing the shortcomings of Capitalism and challenging the merits of the long established status quo, but also exposing the veiled thread of fascism running through 21st century Right-wing ideology, as it slowly tightens the noose around the neck of UK’s largely unsuspecting, alarmingly acquiescent society .

The Birth of Austerity:

It was at the first international financial conference in Brussels, in 1920, when Robert Brand, a senior British civil servant, first preached the need for austerity, in order for the economy to recover from WW1.

Focusing on what he called the ‘hard truth’, he said “the answer is a very painful one and yet a very simple one. We must all work hard, live hard, and save hard.” The same hazy euphemisms preached over a century ago – forever repeated whenever the few need to reset UK’s ‘labour v capital‘ equation. ‘Austerity’ having become their blunt, economic go-to policy to reset both society’s class relations, and conditions for profit. For the few, a short-lived, economic slump – well worth its long-term gain.

That apart, bearing in mind austerity policies don’t actually work when it comes to boosting economic growth and reducing debt, 1Mark Blyth political economist, the question needs to be asked –




The appalling reality of RWI:

At first glance, preWW2 generations would be stunned and amazed by the world of 21st century society – how science and technology had transformed the world they lived in, into a seemingly, wondrous paradise.

That is – at first glance!

After sticking around for a while, they would begin to see the reality of just how little society had changed from that of their own time. The few – still riding high, over the many.

Swathes of society, still plagued by poverty, homelessness, despair, deprivation, hunger and inequality. Trapped in the appalling reality of Right-wing ideology.

A malignant, self-serving ideology – devised, not only to continuously channel the wealth created by the endeavours of the many, into the coffers few.

But also to maintain the status quo of a bygone age.
Courtesy of the imposition of RWI – the real enemy within!

Power, corrupts:


The damning hallmark of RWI:

Along with the long trail of undelivered promises of ‘jam tomorrow’, the damning hallmark of RWI, stretching way back to early postWW2 years, will be lost on much of UK 21st century society – its innate, self-serving nature, constantly blocking the route to a more equitable society. While ever this is tolerated, the wealth created by the endeavours of the many will forever be channelled into the pockets of the few.

Akin to allowing Dracula control of a blood bank, it’s no surprise UK  21st century society remains beset with poverty, the homeless, the vulnerable, the ill-educated, unemployed and the disadvantaged. Not to mention the long suffering many who, in spite of their considerable input, have seen their standard of living shrink while the coffers of the few have grown evermore large.

Time, don’t you think, for resetting UK’s pot of wealth – reclaiming the inordinate, accumulated wealth of the few and, under the banner of ‘SOCIETYISM‘, setting up an independent, investment bank of UK society?



Inequality – the enduring scourge of UK society:

Apart from times of war, UK society never has been united. Always, has there  been division.  At  times, leading to violent conflict. Vis-à-vis,  the recent 1984 *’Battle of Orgreave’.

Effectively a battle between the few and the many, it saw the full axis of Government, police and suspected, undercover military, brought to bear  against striking miners. Aimed at not only delivering society into the clutches of RWI and the global corporate world, but also maintaining the status quo of a bygone age at odds with the values, senses and morality of 21st century society.


*A dark, foreboding time in UK’s class relations – leaving many questions unanswered. Concerning not only the suppression of civil rights, but also collusion and suspected covert use of military personnel.                                                                                                                   Requests for a public enquiry, repeatedly denied. 



Tax payers’ money, boosting privatised assets and profits: 

The 1980s brought with it the full blown, unbridled nature of RWI, exposing UK society to global Capitalism. A situation that exists to this day, here and now, in the 3rd decade of the 21st century. As witness the continuing exploitation of UK’s privatised, public services gifted to the boardrooms of the global corporate world – (yes, ‘gifted’). 

N.B. The sale price of UK’s public services was set so low by the then Tory Government, that within hours of being privatized, investors pocketed huge profits. That was 30 years ago. Shareholders having since pocketed £billions more in dividends.

Now – as well as illegally dumping tons of raw sewage into rivers and seas, water companies are demanding £billions of public money to upgrade what, on their watch, has become a neglected, underfunded water infrastructure!!


The long-outdated, status quo of bygone era:

When it comes to making money and hanging on to it, the few have few scruples – as witness the murky world of tax havens and secretive, off shore banking – the pillars and hidden harbours of the spoils of RWI.

As for UK’s age-old status quo – the deceit and manipulative  double dealing of the few, stands exposed for all to see. All it now needs is for the weight of public opinion to propel society into the values, senses and morality of 21st century society. A society where the rewards and wellbeing of everyone able and prepared to pull their weight, replaces the inherent shortfalls provided by RWI.

Time is for change. But be under no illusion. As in the ill-famed, ’Battle of Orgreave’, the few will fight dirty – testing mettle and nerve. The question being, ‘can the many stay united in face of the inevitable, no holds barred response of the few’, as they seek to continue their rule over UK society?

As always, ‘divide and conquer’, their go-to strategy.

With so much to be done to transform a society long trapped inside the divisive barriers of a bygone  age, it will require the many to remain resolute and unwavering. Becoming a society united in its goal to create a society where everyone prepared to ‘pull their weight’ is justly rewarded.

And never forget. It will be a fight to deliver the wellbeing of everyone able and prepared to engage with society to the best of their ability. Where no-one is left behind – whatever their role.

Time, UK society rejected the divisive, self-serving concepts of RWI and replaced it with ‘SOCIETYISM’. A new word and system that not only delivers the means to enjoy life to the full by all prepared to engage with society to the best of their ability, but also one where one’s contribution is regarded as no less worthy than that of any other, and incomes provide for a decent standard of living without the need of the state funded ‘top-ups’ that allows the few, not only to maintain control over the many, but also to sustain the status quo of a bygone age, at odds with the values and senses of 21st century society.

Food for thought:

In times gone by, society was subject to the harsh rule of monarchs and the landed gentry – the few. Who, having acquired the nations’ wealth, made laws requiring society – the many, to provide for their every need.

Zooming forward to the ‘here and now’ – where 21st century, millionaires, billionaires, oligarchs and multi-£billion fund managers have acquired control over vast amounts of the nations’ wealth, and the increasingly restrictive diktats of RWI allows the few to maintain their grip and control over the many, I am minded to think  –

not only how little, society has changed, but also how it never will change while ever we, the many, are prepared to accept the role of provider and underdog to the few, as imposed by the derisory rewards provided by Capitalism, and the inordinate restraints imposed by RWI.

More food for thought:

You’ll no doubt be aware of how bank profits have doubled as a result of rising interest rates imposed by the Bank of England – effectively transferring £millions of borrowers’ hard earned cash into the pockets of bankers and their investors. Not for the first time, the abject failings of RWI falling heavily on the shoulders of millions of borrowers and mortgage holders.

NB: Given that the blunt, ‘go to’ remedy for tackling inflation is to raise interest rates to encourage people to save, rather than to spend. It is borrowers and mortgage holders with scant spare cash to indulge in spending sprees, who end up being unfairly squeezed the most.

And there’s more!

While awarding £billions to investors, water companies have been allowed to run up huge amounts of debt they can’t afford to repay. Raising the spectre of taxpayers having to bail them out!



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