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Mr & Mrs Joe Public & Family, trapped and contained by the dark clouds of Right-Wing Ideology – the nemesis of 21st century society.

Although post-WW2 brought with it a change of fortune for the many, the status quo of a bygone age yet remains. The few, still hanging on to the strings of power. The many, still held subservient by their guile, deception, rules and laws. Such perception requiring the benefit of hindsight lacking in subsequent generations. A crucial point in understanding how the few get away with duping society, generation after generation.

Time society saw through such. Questioning an ideology that, for the greater part of post WW2 years, has allowed the few to continue lining their pockets at the expense of the many. Right-Wing Ideology carefully crafted by the few so as to keep a yoke around the necks of the many.

Allowing they, the few, to maintain their grip on society. Free to continue enjoying the very best life has to offer  through the toils and endeavours of the rest of society. Their manipulative guile keeping generation after generation, ever pliable and open to their spin, lies, deceit, rules and laws

–  the tail, STILL wagging the dog!

Time, society woke up to such, demanding change. For the inequalities embedded in the status quo of a bygone age to be confined to the pages of history. Replaced by a system based on the values of fairness, equal opportunity and the morality of the 21st century society.

Such that every new-born has an equal right to make the best of whatever their personality, talents and abilities – whatever their birth circumstances.

Never forgetting that at birth, none are born more or less worthy than any other.

                          Every new-born, entitled to equal access to all the opportunities that make for a fulfilling life.


Right-wing ideology – enslaving society:

In effect, the so called “free market economy’ is little more than a green light for big business to prey upon society.

Driven by inexorable greed, society its feeding ground, postWW2 Capitalism* is about extracting maximum profit from any opportunity that presents itself. The mechanism that allows it Right-wing ideology, granting the ‘markets’, freedom to plunder society. Their predatory senses able to smell a profit the other side of a wormhole.

Aided and promoted by the Right-wing press and, in no small way, New Labour’s lurch to the Right, the few; using their vast, accumulated wealth, were able to transform themselves into a vehicle enabling them to reinstate their authority over post WW2 society.

Not least, whereby company law allows shareholder rights precedence over and above those of society.

* At the founding of the banking system, Capitalism was born purely of a need to raise capital that financed the Industrial Revolution. When the end of WW2 brought with it a changing world that threatened the pre-war status quo, the few found themselves on the back foot. But not for long – thanks to Right-wing ideology, an ideology, bereft of any real sense of the common good.

UK proponents of Right-wing ideology aren’t bothered who owns and runs the essential fabric of UK society –  so long as it’s not UK society. Allowing the essential fabric of UK society – notably, water, gas, electricity, rail and public transport, be privately owned and run for profit. Even to the point of being sold off and controlled by foreign organizations – foreign Governments, even.                Allowing foreign exchequers to benefit from UK households.


SHUSH! According to a recent investigation, foreign governments are making hundreds of millions of pounds a year, running British public services. Highlighting how privatization is benefiting overseas – rather than UK taxpayers.


Meet Mr & Mrs Joe Public & Family  – sacrificed on the altar of Right-wing ideology.

Life is about so much more than just being alive, just existing – inequality, poverty and deprivation, the fate awaiting millions born into the misery of life circumstances provided by Right-wing ideology.

Take housing, for instance: Under the profit seeking ethos of Right-wing ideology, buying a house is subject to free market forces – ‘buying-to-rent’, long since seen as a legitimate business opportunity,  more so at poplar resorts and locations. Allowing properties to be acquired as second homes or holiday lets. Forcing up rents* and house prices. Pricing-out and depriving young locals of a local place to live. Popular resorts and locations deprived of a young, local workforce – creating a downward spiral of decline in the lives of local people.

 *Latest data shows private rents in Britain hitting record highs. Average rents outside London – over 11% higher than a year ago. London rents – over 15% higher. And in some areas of the UK  – over more than 20% higher.

Alongside water, energy, rail and local transport, an affordable, decent place to live and raise a well-adjusted family is an essential part of the fabric of decent society; too important to be left to the mercenary clutches of free market forces. The shameful reality of such, having a negative impact on the lives of millions. The status quo of a bygone age, alive and well – here, in the 3rd decade of the 21st century.

  • Time, for a comprehensive reset of 21st century values. Values aimed at promoting a more equal society -replacing the divisive chasm promoted by Right-wing ideology.
  • Time, society ditched the outdated pecking order of a bygone age that, in effect, continues to ensnare the many, in the grip of the few.
  • Time, control of the fabric of decent society – housing, water, gas, electricity, rail and local transport, were removed from the heinous grip of free market forces and handed over – not to the remit of Government appointed quangos, but to that of panels of qualified, independent representatives of society – servants of society, charged with delivering the cost effective fabric of decent society -‘dividends’ used, not to line the pockets of CEOs and shareholders, but to supplement the cost of such services.
  • Time, the obscene, top-to-bottom pay ratio was reigned in.
  • Time, the lowest paid received a realistic, living wage – one without the need for State handouts.
  • Time, society condemned the outrageous pay of CEOs and others paid inordinate sums appropriated – some might say, misappropriated from the endeavours of society.
  • Time, society saw through the self-serving nature of Right-wing ideology, casting off the restraining yoke of a bygone age. Replacing it with the values, senses and morality of the 21st century.


The gulf between the modern, 21st century world and the Tory world has never been so deep and disturbing. Two decades in, and it’s plain to see UK Tory mind-set is rooted in a bygone age, at odds with the values, senses and morality of 21st century UK. The Right’s obsession with ‘small state’, leaving society exposed to the whims and designs of the corporate world –  the world of the few.

The divide between UK’s, Tory-made society and what UK’s, modern, 21st century society could and should be – growing ever wider. The Tory’s barefaced lies about their strong and stable government delivering for all, flying in the face of the millions struggling against the odds to make a meaningful life for themselves and their families in the wake of Right-wing ideology an ideology, grossly unfitting and out of touch with the values, senses and morality of 21st century society.

As one of the richest countries in the world, the UK can afford a decent life for all. For kids not go hungry during school holidays, others not to freeze in winter and for those in full time work, not to need state handouts to survive.

Two decades in, and it’s become clear the ploy of the Tory Right is to create an impasse in worker/employer relations, demonize worker’s unions and hand employers dictatorial power over employees. Something little short of a total denial of workers’ rights – union and non-union. Indeed, something well down the road of shackled society.

Be afraid, very afraid. Such demonizing of worker power is an attack on the core values of democratic society, reminiscent of persecutions which took place in 1930s, Nazi Germany. The shallow trench between Tory, 21st century democracy and the slippery slope of Fascism, in danger of being breached by the imposition of rules and laws, the likes of which define authoritarian regimes throughout the world. How long before all meaningful opposition to Right-wing ideology is weakened to the extent of its having little weight. The many, in effect, made to bow to the diktats of the few.

The answer to that, of course, rest with society, and for how long it is prepared to tolerate life subject to the status quo of a bygone age and the confines of Right-wing ideologyan ideology, clearly designed to preserve and uphold the supremacy of the few.

Should it come to a stand-off between workers and the State, how long before the brutal trappings of authoritarianism surface through the slowly unwinding, deceptive semblance of UK democracy?

Alarmist hysteria? Absolutely not! I personally witnessed a violent attack on resting pickets during the 1984/5, miners’ strike. Brutal and lightning quick, involving two or three carloads of men, it was something others also must have witnessed elsewhere. But, such were the times, none of it ever made the news. Suppressed, no doubt, by the authorities of the day and the blind eye of the dominant, Right-wing press.

Note: An eye opening account of the 1984/5, miners’ strike and the State’s continuing refusal to hold a public enquiry can be found in Wikipedia’s, ‘Battle of Orgreave’. The reading of it not only screams – ‘COVER-UP’, but is also a revealing insight into what the few of that era were prepared to do in order to maintain their grip on society. Something not without relevance to UK’s, 21st century society and its on-going fight for fairness and equality – a fight, spanning  centuries.

Re: Two of the recent edicts of Right-wing ideology: –

  1. Employers given the right to impose settlements rejected by lawful representatives of striking workers.
  2. Employers given the right to tear up employment contracts and impose new – employees having no choice other than to submit or be fired. Akin to treating employees as little more than commodities, chattels – to be disposed of and replaced with more compliant models. Those affected, left feeling abused, browbeaten, and questioning the morality of an ideology, free to threaten workers into submission.
BE WARNED! The same fate is possible for all workers in dispute with their employer.
Right-wing ideology – truly the real enemy within 21st century society.


Food for thought: –

  • Right-wing ideology is the brainchild and master-plan of the post WW2 few, their control over wealth, giving them control over society. Much the same can be said of their preoccupation with divisions in society, propagated and stealthily promoted by the Right-wing media.
  • Hardly the strong point of Right-wing ideology, to be ‘woke’ is defined as ‘being alert to injustice and discrimination in society. Small wonder, then, that the RIGHT have resorted to condemning it.
  • A recent analysis regarding Labour voters who switched to voting Conservative in the 2019 General Election, shows a vast majority of them now felt that ‘big business takes advantage of ordinary people. *Helped, in no small way, by the imposition of Right-wing ideology.  * author’s comment.

 Note: Having been in power for just 17 of the last 77 years, ‘true’ Labour was last in power in 1979.

Since then, aided in no small way by New Labours’ lurch to the Right, UK society has remained trapped in the ever-tightening grip of Right-wing ideology – creating a society at war with itself. Courtesy of the Right-wing media’s propagation and stealthy promotion of social issues helpful to the manipulation and containment of a society, divided. Each following generations’ lack of hindsight – making it all the more-easy.

The point being: –

Where UK society now finds itself cannot be laid at the door of ‘true’ Labour – its post WW2 vision of a land fit for heroes, laying shattered and in ruins – courtesy of the last 43 years of Right-wing ideology.          An ideology bereft of any sense of common good.

Time is for change.



Re: The Right-wing press’ recent resurrection of their desperate, hackneyed  hyperbole (just in case it has escaped the notice of the latter-day, generations of voters.)

Far from being the dictatorial ‘barons’ that the Right-wing press would have us believe, trade union leaders are tasked with overseeing the day-to-day interests and directives of their membership – ‘directives’, being the operative word.

*More, age-old, Right-wing press’, desperate insinuations to watch out for: –

‘Red’                     –              a smearing label. Originally attached to postWW2, Labour supporters – inferring                                                       advocates of Stalin’s, postWW2 Communism.

‘Loony Left’        –           a smearing label, originally attached to the early, postWW2 supporters of a fairer,                                                     more equal society – as in Left-wing ideology.

*YES – these slurs and insinuations originate from the early, postWW2 years of the Right-wing press.

In other words, when it comes to fairness and equal opportunity, society has seen little change – the few, still harnessing society to their own ends.



Just a thought: –

Having endured nigh-on 43years of Right-wing ideology, UK society now finds itself between a rock and a hard place – trapped between 12 years of damaging cuts and underfunding of what makes for a decent society, and the Right’s grim remedy for sorting out the prevailing, dire mess of their own making – all, consequences of the long-running saga of Right-wing ideology.


Reminiscent of a bygone age, Right-wing ideology(RWI) is built around inequality. If that were not the case, poverty and deprivation would not abound in a country as rich as the UK, here and now – in the 21st century. To understand why it does you need to look at the rules and laws governing the corporate world, as opposed to those governing the everyday world of society – two, manifestly different worlds. With laws that protect the corporate world from society at large, as opposed to those which restrict society from protecting itself against the demands of the corporate world. Rules and laws designed by the few to control and restrict the ever shrinking boundaries of the many. Reminiscent of a bygone age, when poverty and deprivation lived alongside wealth and splendour without the blink of an eye. The re-emergence of such – courtesy of RWI.

Divide and conquer: Instead of being blindsided by issues put in front of it by a Right-wing press seeking to provoke and foster division, society needs to unite behind an agenda aimed at creating an all-inclusive society. One which enables, not just the few, but everyone able and willing to pull their weight, an equal chance to pursue the very best that life has to offer.

Each, according to their talents, endeavours and aspirations –

  instead of the divisive, dog-eat-dog, look-after-number-one mentality at the core of RWI.

And you need to understand – without political and social revolution, society will remain exploited by those imposing an ideology designed to maintain the status quo of a bygone era. Allowing the few to continue reaping the rich rewards of the endeavours of the many. The so called, ‘trickle-down effect’, long since exposed for the sham it always was.

If, like myself, you’re not happy for your children, your grandchildren and their children’s children to continue living under the yoke of the few, the power to permanently eliminate it from society rests firmly in the collective hands of society. Simply reject and permanently remove Right-wing ideology from the political arena. Replacing it with something more in keeping with the values, senses and morality of the 21st century.


In the modern world, the thin line between Right-wing ideology and fascism has become increasingly blurred, restrictive laws being of particular concern. More so when passed off as protecting freedom. The wily few having become particularly adept at introducing restrictive law that, in effect, can be used to protects themselves from society’s ability to protest and effectively challenge the boundaries imposed by Right-wing ideology. Begging the question, ‘who’s protection – who’s freedom’?

A stark reminder that society always must remain mindful and alert to the consequences of RWI and the ever-shrinking boundaries the few continue to impose on the many.

Spot the difference: –









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